Amal Alamuddin Slammed As ‘New Kim Kardashian’ By Blogger Who Made Her Famous

Amal Alamuddin, an internationally respected human rights lawyer who is now better known as the new wife of George Clooney, is nothing but a new Kim Kardashian, according to Natalia Naish, the blogger many believe made Alamuddin famous and brought her to Clooney’s attention.

Alamuddin and Clooney met at a charity event about a year ago, but just a few weeks before that, Amal Alamuddin was bestowed the honor of leading off the “Barrister Hottie” list as chosen by Naish’s site, Your Barrister Boyfriend — a blog dedicated rather improbably to critiquing the fashion sense of lawyers.

The selection of the then-35-year-old attorney as a “barrister hottie” was not an insignificant event for Alamuddin. In fact, it was so noteworthy that her longtime best friend, Jae Kim, mentioned it in a speech toasting the bride at Alamuddin’s September 27 wedding to Clooney in Venice, Italy.

“[We] stayed up talking late into the night about relationships and whether she would ever meet her partner in life,” Kim said in the toast. “She had just been picked the ‘Hottest Barrister in London,’ and I was concerned that this would not work in her favor, as most men found her intimidating already.”

But since the wedding, Naish has turned on Alamuddin, apparently disgusted by the lawyer’s seemingly wholehearted embrace of her sudden fame as Clooney’s spouse.

Repeatedly referring to Alamuddin as “Alamooney,” Naish lambasted the couple for their four-day, pre-wedding marathon of paparazzi photo ops, which Naish called “quite rich, given George’s hatred of the tabloids.”

The blogger also criticized the couple for, she said, putting on a public display apparently designed to prove to the world that they are “in love.”

“Amal has taken to her newfound fame like a duck to water, radiating ‘in love’ while she struts her stuff in surprisingly short couture dresses. As the details of their four-day wedding emerge — the caseloads of tequila, the never-ending parade of Amal’s designer dresses, the boatloads of grinning celebrities, and the $13 million (£8 million) price tag — it all begins to seem slightly unseemly and in-your-face, especially for a couple who profess to be extremely private.”

Finally, Naish delivered the coup de grace, wondering why Alamuddin was allowed by the press to revel in publicity, which she says is not much different from Kim Kardashian — but in Alamuddin’s case, the media spared her the ridicule often directed at the reality show queen.

“The problem I have with the Clooney wedding was not the excessiveness per se, but the back-patting smugness that has accompanied the entire courtship and ceremony. Even though George and Amal careened around Venice in speedboats, posed up a storm for the paparazzi like modern-day royalty and sold their wedding photos to glossy magazines, they received none of the tut-tutting that was directed at Kim Kardashian.”

In the wedding speech, Kim affirmed the love that Amal Alamuddin is said to feel for the 53-year-old George Clooney, noting that she “quit smoking cold turkey” upon entering into a romance with the movie star.