Ted Nugent: ‘Plague Of Black Violence’ Has ‘Infested’ Inner Cities — Guess Who He Blames

Ted Nugent, the 1970s-era rocker who has recently refashioned himself as an ultra-conservative icon, let loose on what he called a “plague of black violence,” blaming “liberalism” for the supposed “plague” that has “infested our inner cities,” in an online column for the far-right political site World Net Daily.

“Our national propaganda ministry has chosen to ignore the gory details of this plague, as do so many of our politicians. Instead, they focus on ‘gun-related’ violence, supposed lax gun laws and their redundant litany of mindless excuse-making instead of the raw data,” Nugent wrote in his latest “Ted Offensive” column, entitled, “LIberalism’s Killer ‘Welfare Crack.'”

While Nugent never specifies exactly what “raw data” he purports to cite, in fact, African Americans use drugs, carry guns and commit assault at roughly the same rate as whites — or in some cases a lower rate. But black Americans are arrested at a much higher rate while the law enforcement system allows many whites to get away with the same offenses.

For example, white high school students use cocaine at 4.6 times the rate of black students, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health — and white high schoolers smoke crack cocaine at 1.5 times the rate of black students. Heroin use is approximately the same while marijuana use among white youth is 46 percent higher.

But African Americans are arrested for drugs at twice the rate of white drug users.

Blacks are also arrested for aggravated assault three times more often than whites, even though an only slightly higher percentage of blacks get into physical altercations, compared to whites.

The “raw data” would appear to suggest that the “plague of black violence” is actually an illusion caused by racial disparities in law enforcement practices.

But Nugent’s assertions should not be surprising considering the context. The World Net Daily site has long been committed to coverage of the purported black crime plague, as a quick Google search for the phrase “black mob” on the WND.com site indicates.

Ted Nugent, in his column, shows no interest in examining inequities in the justice and law enforcement system. Instead, he knows exactly who he believes is to blame for the non-existent “plague of black violence.”

“It is the big lie of liberalism that has enslaved and destroyed so many black families and their communities,” Ted Nugent writes. “Liberalism is a lie. Liberalism is a scam. Liberalism is a killer.”

However, with statistics showing that the “plague of black violence” described by Ted Nugent does not actually exist, blaming “liberalism” for the “plague” would appear to be meaningless.

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