Oklahoma Grandmother Reportedly Dressed As Witch, Brutally Abuse Granddaughter

An Oklahoma city grandmother has been arrested following a number of disturbing claims of child abuse. According to NewsChannel 4, on Tuesday, Sept. 30, the Oklahoma City Police Department arrested Geneva Robinson after she tried to take her 7-year-old granddaughter to a local hospital for treatment. Although Robinson reportedly claimed she “couldn’t control the child anymore,” the child’s condition proved otherwise.

Hospital workers stated that the child, who appeared to be malnourished, had scratches on her face, infected cuts on both wrists and ankles, and bruises and burns all over her body, reports Fox 8. The wounds on her wrists suggested that she’d been held captive in some way. Police later discovered Robinson had been hanging the young child in her garage and beating her with a whip.

But, unfortunately, that’s not all. News 9 also reported the child’s nightmarish claims about her grandmother. She reportedly told authorities that her grandmother “would dress up as a witch, wearing a green mask, and would take her out to the garage, bind her up at night and make her sleep on a pair of jeans, because she was in trouble.” The child also recounted being hung in the garage by the witch Robinson referred to as “Nelda.”

“‘Nelda’ would allegedly ‘take a pink dog leash and hang the victim in the middle of the garage underneath her arms’ and tell the girl ‘the creatures in the attic were going to come get her.'”

Although Robinson’s neighbors are absolutely shocked by the allegations, detectives revealed they found evidence in the home to support the child’s claims. MSgt. Gary Knight of the Oklahoma City Police Department released a statement in regards to the bizarre allegations that have been brought against Robinson.

“The evidence at the scene corroborated what she was saying. There were whips and chains and a witch’s hat found there. Just a completely horrible situation for a child to be in.”

Robinson had a total of four children in her home at the time of her arrest. They have all been placed in protective custody.

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