Whoopi Goldberg Talks About Rosie Fight On ‘The View’ [Video]

As The Inquisitr reported, Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg had a bit of a spat when they broke for commercial during a recent Hot Topics segment on spanking. Now, Whoopi Goldberg is clearing up the issue and answering the headlines of the fight that lead to her cursing Rosie out.

Goldberg didn’t address her comments on The View but instead decided to be a part of MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts’ #WayTooEarlyToCall segment, where he calls a famous figure up “way too early” to discuss their upcoming projects. For Whoopi the conversation was all about The View, and like we expected she was candid about the spat she had with Rosie.

She addressed the way in which the media covered the spat, and when the show started long ago, it wasn’t about a girl on girl cat fight. Now she said people are expecting a “WWE chick fight” between the co-hosts. “We’re trying to have a good time and do what we do.”

As for her fight with Rosie? Goldberg said that butting heads is just bound to happen.

“Here’s the thing — Like family, some days you’re cranky. There are four of us and some days we’re just cranky.”

“I know it’s going to come as a shock but I know all these guys on programs also get cranky with each other,” she pointed out. “But the difference is, there’s not four guys talking to each other and doing stuff. So they should just back off of us and see what we do and stop waiting for something to happen.”

This, she says, is simply a double standard that women experience. “I do think there’s a double standard. Nobody talks about ‘Hey, there’s a spat over at Sunday Morning.'”

That’s why, she said, there’s a lot of pressure to bump up the ratings with a fight. “You’re with people, you have outside influences — people saying ‘We want to make sure your numbers are up and we want to please the sponsors’ so it can get a little pressurized — particularly with this show.”

As The Inquisitr stated before, this particular disagreement was not filmed and happened once Goldberg cut Rosie off and went to break. At the time Rosie O’Donnell was upset but Whoopi was told by producers to cut to commercial because the segment was going overtime. Rosie was offended and took it personal and decided to address her feelings through a microphone to Whoopi. After Goldberg tried to evade the confrontation in front of the audience, O’Donnell persisted and that’s when tempers flared up.

A spokesperson from The View had stated that the initial reports on the fight were blown out of proportion.

There are also reports saying that the production is looking into getting a “cool down room” to counteract any fights that may or may not happen.

[Image via ABC Studios]