Jessie J Supports UK Music Video Ratings System

Jessie J fully supports the music video ratings system that’s set to launch in the UK.

Since the British singer firmly believes some kids probably shouldn’t watch the music videos she puts together, Jessie is totally down with the new system debuting in the United Kingdom this Friday (October 3). In fact, she seems to think it’s a pretty swell idea.

A lot of music labels also believe it’s the ratings system is probably for the best. Sony, Universal and Warner Bros. will all begin to assign age-related ratings to their artists’ music videos. Vevo has also agreed to lend a helping hand.

According to 3News NZ, Jessie J believes that her parents wouldn’t have allowed her to listen to her music at a very young age. As such, the singer believes there’s probably some videos kids shouldn’t have access to without parental supervision. In other words, she fully supports the British government’s new system.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea… However much I enjoy being an inspiration, there are parts of my life that I live as a 26-year-old woman that some of my fans shouldn’t hear and see and when everything is so obtainable on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.”

“When I was young, I wouldn’t have been allowed to listen to my music… like some of my fans are very, very young. I think ‘Price Tag’ was great but there are some songs I think are too raunchy and I think that… those sort of things (the age rating scheme) being put in place are what we need to establish what people should be able to listen too.”

However, Jessie J admits that it’s pretty difficult to cater to everybody. In other words, she fully expects some folks to object to the ratings system. Since some people may view it as nothing more than censorship, chances are giving videos an age-appropriate rating will ruffle some features when the system launches on October 3.

Jessie J definitely has her hands full these days. Not only is she looking for love in America, she’s also preparing to unleash her third album, Sweet Talker, on the masses. Altsounds reports that “Burnin’ Up” is her latest single, a tune that features guest vocals from 2 Chainz. The album drops in the U.S. on October 14.

The website also had plenty of positive things to say about her new record.

“‘Sweet Talker’ is a powerful, grown-up record from Jessie who has earned her stripes as one of the UK’s most successful female pop-sensations. The album is full of slick production and a boasts a kick-ass attitude, showcasing Jessie’s phenomenal vocal range and her divisibility as a power-player on the global music scene.”

Are you a fan of Jessie J? Are you surprised that she agrees with the United Kingdom’s new music video ratings system? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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