Amanda Bynes’ Mental Stability In Question

Amanda Bynes‘ life has been a bit of a roller coaster over the past few years. Her career began by propelling her to the top, but like many child stars, she has quickly fell to the bottom. She has attempted to make her way back up to the peak, but seems to find that lonely banana in her path and slips back again without warning.

Most recently, Amanda Bynes made a scene at New York’s JFK airport because she missed her flight to Los Angeles. Sporting Purple hair, she caused a ruckus while drawing unneeded attention to herself. It has also been reported that Bynes was kicked out of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising for paying fellow students to complete her work while she skipped class. To top it all off, Amanda was arrested on Sunday for driving drunk, while on probation, after hitting a sheriff’s patrol car in L.A. She was released on a $15,000 bail.

David Wohl, a California Attorney spoke on the matter to FOX411.

“This is not good news for Ms. Bynes. Amanda is on probation from a conviction of what is referred to as a ‘wet reckless’ charge, which is reckless driving with alcohol involved. The problem is that a wet reckless conviction counts as a prior DUI if one is convicted of a subsequent DUI. If convicted in this current case she will have to complete an 18 month alcohol program, receive fines of greater than $2,000, have to place an ignition interlock device on her car and possibly lose her driver’s license for up to a year.”

Dr. Ramon Raskin, an addiction expert, fears that Amanda Bynes’ mental stability should be questioned at this point.

“It is clear from her bizarre behavior that she still is suffering from some type of mental disorder. This behavior is clearly erratic and impulsive and she may have been doing better on medications. Driving while intoxicated and other impulsive behavior that she has demonstrated clearly puts herself at risk for harm as well as those around her.”

Patrick Wanis PhD, a human behavioral expert, agrees with Dr. Raskin’s observations.

“Medication or suddenly being taken off meds can make a patient’s behaviors much worse and out of control. Amanda needs real help to get to the root cause of her behavior and issues.”

Amanda Bynes, now 28, was under the conservatorship of her parents until June, and regained her license in April after having it suspended. Since leaving the legal care of her parents, her father, Rick Bynes, stated to People Magazine that they have not seen her in person since.

“She’s 28, she does what she wants. We don’t know a thing.”

[Photo Courtesy: Star Pulse]