Crispy M&M’s Will Return To Shelves In 2015

Crispy M&M’s will return to shelves in 2015. Seth Klughertz, senior director of M&M’s Chocolate Candies, confirmed the popular treats will be available In the United States beginning January 2015. Although the candies have been off the market for nearly a decade, fans have demanded their return.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Klughertz said Mars has received requests for Crispy M&M’s through the customer service hotline, social media and petitions. As it takes over a year to begin production of a new product, the comeback was planned for months.

The crispy chocolates were initially offered as a “limited-edition” item. Although they are still available in Europe and Australia, they were discontinued in the United States in 2005.

Committed fans have been forced to order Crispy M&M’s from overseas, often paying up to $20 for a four ounce bag. Unfortunately, the candy is rarely fresh.

Amazon user Aradia53 ordered a six ounce bag from Germany, as he was craving the discontinued candy. Unfortunately, the product did not meet his expectations.

“Sorry, but they don’t taste the same. I’m not sure why. The ones that were
made here years ago tasted like regular M&Ms filled with rice crispy-like stuff. This filling is similar in texture but I don’t think it is the same material. That is disappointing… but if you have a craving, go ahead.”

Klughertz said the return of Crispy M&M’s will be the company’s “biggest launch” since the introduction of the Pretzel M&M’s.

The original Plain M&M’s were introduced in 1940. The milk chocolate candies got their name from Forrest Mars and R. Bruce Murrie — who partnered to form Mars.

M&M’s were originally made with Hershey Chocolate. However, Mars began producing their own chocolate in the 1960s.

The original candies were colored dark brown, green, orange, red, tan and yellow. Although red M&M’s were discontinued in 1976, they returned to the mix in 1985. Years later, the tan candies were replaced with the color blue.

As reported by Candy Blog, M&M’s introduced numerous flavors throughout the last 55 years, including peanut, almond, peanut butter, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and Crispy M&M’s. Although a majority of the special flavors were limited-edition, Mars currently offers 10 flavors of M&M’s to customers in the United States.

The comeback of Crispy M&M’s will certainly delight fans, who were missing the candies for nearly 10 years. Unfortunately, the chocolate treats will not be available for purchase until January.

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