Niall Horan Owns A Statue Of President Obama

Niall Horan loves President Barack Obama so much that he actually has a statue of the Commander in Chief in his back garden. No joke!

Although it’s doubtful many people in the United States are willing to admit they own a statue of the president, apparently the One Direction singer is actually pretty fond of the guy. During a chat with E! Online, Horan opened up about his love for Obama and his family. That’s when he revealed the Barack-shaped sculpture that resides in his backyard. Niall, you never fail to surprise your fans.

“Around that time we also met Michelle Obama, and I have to say she was unbelievable. Her daughters were lovely too…They’re the most humble people ever and were made to be the President’s daughters. I’m a huge Obama fan—I even have a statue of him in my back garden!”

Niall Horan also discussed the time he met pop legend Justin Timberlake. Although the One Direction heartthrob played it cool, he admitted that he almost conjured a mouthful of puke during the encounter. Too much information? Perhaps, but it’s still pretty amusing.

“To make matters worse, as he walked off, Justin Timberlake came over to say hello and I was absolutely bricking it by then, nearly swallowing my own puke.”

If that’s not enough Niall Horan-related kookiness to keep you going for the rest of the week, then behold the strange question he recently posed to Liam Payne on Twitter. Since the singers obviously have some free time on their hands, Niall asked his bandmate to have a sniff of his armpits. Boys will be boys, after all.

The response from fans was fairly amusing.

There you have it, folks. While you’re daydreaming about Niall Horan and the rest of the One Direction guys, you can imagine Liam Payne with his nose shoved directly into Horan’s armpits. Perhaps they’ll discuss the aroma while trying not to puke beside Niall’s President Obama statue. Obviously stranger things have happened.

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