Niall Horan Is Dangerous When Drunk, According To Harry Styles

Niall Horan might get a bit too wild whenever he drinks.

This is what Harry Styles implied when he honored his One Direction band mate with a very special birthday speech. Niall Horan celebrated his 21st birthday in America, far away from his home in Mullingar. However, Harry did his best to help his friend avoid becoming too homesick. During One Direction’s performance at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles, Styles honored Niall with a hilarious tribute to the Irishman. According to Unreality TV, Harry attempted to give One Direction fans a Horan history lesson during the concert.

“Twenty-one years ago, a small Irish boy named Niall James Horan was born,” Styles began. “He liked to roam the fields of Ireland –”

During this part of his speech, Liam Payne interrupted to say that Horan didn’t really “roam” — Liam ruined Harry’s romantic vision of Niall by saying that he used a tractor to complete his treks across the Emerald Isle.

Harry Styles added the tractor bit to his Niall Horan tribute, which was loaded with Irish stereotypes.

“On a tractor sometimes. He liked to eat potatoes and stew and he liked to dance. Oh did that boy love to dance. And as the years went on, Niall became a very talented Irish dancer. Niall is 21 years old today, so if you’re out in the United States of America tonight, please be careful and watch out because he loves beer and he will be very, very drunk.”

After warning the crowd that they don’t want to be around a drunken Horan, Harry led them in singing “Happy Birthday to You” to the Irishman. Niall danced a little jig while his band mates and fans helped him celebrate his 21st.

Niall received plenty of birthday wishes on Twitter, but there was one person close to One Direction who didn’t take the time to send Horan a Happy Birthday tweet. Ed Sheeran has collaborated with 1D on multiple songs, so it’s a bit odd that he didn’t have anything to say to Niall on his birthday. However, as The Inquisitr previously reported, Horan and Sheeran may no longer be the best of friends.

During an interview with Howard Stern, Ed hinted that his song “Don’t” is about Niall Horan breaking the bro code by sleeping with his ex-girlfriend, Ellie Goulding. Because of all the drama surrounding “Don’t,” it’s interesting that One Direction chose to release a song penned by Ed Sheeran as the lead single from their upcoming album, “Four.” According to Metro, the single is titled “Steal My Girl,” and it was co-written by Zayn Malik. It will be released on September 29, and the official One Direction Twitter page has already revealed the cover art for the single.

Do you think Ed Sheeran had Niall Horan’s rumored fling with Ellie Goulding in mind when he penned “Steal My Girl,” and is his failure to wish Niall a happy birthday a sign that he still hasn’t forgiven his old friend?

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