Finding Iris: California Rescue Group Saves A Homeless Injured Dog Plus Three Unexpected Surprises [Video]

Hope For Paws, a California-based animal rescue group, recently posted a video of a surprising dog rescue in Los Angeles. The team set out to save a dog that had been seen hiding in bushes along a busy street, but when they rescued the injured dog, they got three unexpected surprises along with her.

Hope For Paws is using the latest rescue video as a means to raise money for the numerous rescued and neglected animals in their care. The marketing plan seems to be working well for the organization. The amazing video was uploaded on September 28 and has already received over 2.2 million views as of the time of this writing. The viral video shows the beautiful rescue of Iris from dense bushes along a busy street.

In the video, we see the group locate the homeless pup along the road. However, the dog is less than cooperative. The team soon discovers why the dog does not want to come out, she is protecting three tiny puppies. The group is finally able to cut through the bushes and secure the dog along with her puppies. The dogs are now in their care and looking for forever homes. Hope For Paws notes that the rescues may appear easy on film, but there is a lot of work that goes into saving dogs such as Iris.

“Many times when you watch my videos it may seem like I just go to the rescue location and find the dog, but this is actually not true. The search for the dogs is a challenging part of it because they usually hide. Finding Iris was difficult, but it could have been dangerous… we didn’t know how she would react when we entered her den, and there is always a risk when going to these rough neighborhoods in the middle of the night.”

Iris and her three special puppies are all doing great now that they are under the care of the team at Hope for Paws.

Homeless dog rescued
Hope For Paws, also known as The Dog Rescuers, posted a photo of Iris and her pups to their Facebook page.

The organization is hoping as many people as possible share the video so the organization can earn money towards caring for more dogs like Iris who are homeless and neglected.

This isn’t the first time Hope For Paws has featured an amazing rescue video. One video features the true loyalty of a dog to his owner. After his owner died, a dog waited for a year hoping he’d return. Hope For Paws featured the emotional rescue on their Youtube channel. The video will definitely leave you in tears.

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