Photo Of Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald’s Wedding Invitation Revealed

With the wedding only four weeks away, the Duggar family recently released an image of Jessa Duggar’s wedding invitation via their official blog.

The invitation features a photo of the happy couple lovingly gazing into one another’s eyes with block lettering to the left of the image inviting guests to the event.

Photo of Jessa Duggar's Wedding Invitation

In addition to the wedding invitation photo, TLC released a number of the couple’s engagement photos in an exclusive online gallery. There are over 30 photos in the gallery and show the couple in a variety of poses. Though the photos show the couple holding hands and side-hugging, TLC is sure to point out that kissing is out of the question for this photo shoot.

“You won’t see this couple smooching in their photos. They’re saving their first kiss for marriage.”

Many of the photos from the engagement shoot were taken in downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas, with the streets as a backdrop. The couple can be seen walking hand-in-hand down the brick lined roads and stopping in a couple doorways such as at Pigmint.

Some of the engagement photos have been made public via Jessa’s Instagram account.

Jessa and Ben can't keep their eyes off each other in many of the photos. Image Credit: Instagram/jessaseewald
A black and white photo of the couple. Image Credit: Instagram/jessaseewald

The wedding invitation isn’t the only information the couple has been sharing. In fact, Jessa recently spoke about her future plans for a family. Jessa shocked many by saying that she doesn’t think she is capable of having 19 children but definitely is considering adoption as a way to increase her family size once married.

What do you think of Jessa Duggar’s wedding invitation and engagement photos?