Jill Duggar Reveals Labor And Delivery Plans: Check Out What The Couple Has Planned

The most recently married Duggar, Jill Dillard, is only 15 weeks pregnant. However, that hasn’t stopped this mom-to-be from hashing out some of her labor and delivery plans.

In the September 1st issue of People Magazine, Jill discusses some of her birth plan. Jill notes that she does not plan to have the newest member of the Duggar family in a hospital, but rather she will have the baby in the comfort of her own home.

“I think home birth is really special because you are in your own environment. You don’t have to pick up, move and have that stall labor. I am looking forward to having the calm, intimate setting of being home.”

The decision for a home birth is not that unexpected for Jill or any Duggar for that matter as many of the older girls in the family have been training to become doulas or midwives, Jill included. In fact, Jill has assisted in over 70 other home births during her time as a midwife-in-training. Jill has also discussed a little about how she plans to receive encouragement during her home birth.

Jill posted a photo to her Instagram account outlining her plan for a scripture board that will be used during trying times of pregnancy, labor and delivery.