Flight 370: Cameras Prepare To Search Seabed For Missing Boeing 777

The hunt for flight 370 is still very much on. Despite a break in the action, ships are set to head out to the vast area of the Indian Ocean beginning on Sunday, towing with them some underwater cameras that will search the seabed for wreckage. If no wreckage is found researchers hope that there will at least be some clues. Worst case scenario, biologists will get some never before seen footage of an underwater landscape that they know little about.

According to Australia News, the GO Phoenix (pictured below) is the first vessel that will arrive in the area. Given the new equipment — and the meticulously studied information that has outlined this new search area — researchers feel as though they have a good chance at finding the Boeing 777 that disappeared back in March.

Missing plane
GO Phoenix vessel via Australia News

Flight 370 really could be anywhere at this point. Even if the plane somehow managed to submerge in the ocean in one solid piece, the fuselage could have drifted hundreds of miles over the past several months. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, some believe that the plane could be in a very deep underwater ditch. Apparently footage of the area has shown some serious trenches and underwater volcanoes that were previously undiscovered. So that’s a possibility.

It’s actually quite strange to think that the entire aircraft is going to be found — in one complete piece — just resting on the ocean floor, but there are plenty of people who believe that’s the case.

If Malaysia Airlines flight 370 doesn’t show up on these cameras over the next couple of weeks, there is a chance that the search efforts could be delayed for months. NBC News reports that “an airline industry-led task force looking at ways to improve plane tracking after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines’ flight MH370 has delayed its recommendations, possibly until December.”

This simply means that tracking the plane’s exact flight path with this new technology isn’t coming as easy as it should — and that’s perfect cause for conspiracy theories to creep back in. Because what would happen if the flight path showed the plane going to Pakistan? Or perhaps proved that the plane landed on some remote island — like Diego Garcia? Is the world ready to know the truth?

You can believe whatever you want to believe, but whatever information the public is given might not even be the truth. That said, people are starting to realize that flight 370 may never be found — especially if there is someone in the world that doesn’t want it to be.

[Photo courtesy of Auckland Photo News – Rodger McCutcheon via Wikimedia Commons]

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