‘Criminal Minds’ Spoilers: Season 10 Adds New Agent, Tackles Gruesome Case In Premiere

Criminal Minds season 10 debuts Wednesday night on CBS and fans can’t wait to get started with new episodes. What can viewers expect as the show enters a new season? There’s a new team member joining the mix and fans are intrigued to see how well she will fit in with the rest of the group.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, known for shows such as Party of Five, The Ghost Whisperer, and The Client List, joins season 10 of Criminal Minds as Agent Kate Callahan. She is an agent who has specialized in undercover operations and now she is interested in joining Hotch’s team at the FBI.

The season 10, episode 1 show is titled simply “X.” The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit has said goodbye to Blake but the rest of the team returns. TVLine notes that the season premiere will feature guest star Kerr Smith, a familiar face to Dawson’s Creek fans as well.

Criminal Minds spoilers via TV Guide indicate that the first everybody will see of Callahan is when she’s working undercover, seemingly to collar a child predator. From there she heads to an interview with Hotch, who essentially hires her on the spot. Though Callahan is a tough agent, there’s a mystery that viewers will watch play out this season, and some tips are shared in the premiere.

Kate’s secret is tied to a plane crash, and Criminal Minds spoilers indicate that Rossi and Hotch are already aware of the secret. She will open up to Reid about it in episode 3 and whatever it is played a role in her decision to become an FBI agent. Fans do seem to have mixed opinions so far when it comes to Jennifer Love Hewitt joining the cast, so it will be interesting to see if viewers embrace Callahan.

As for Garcia, Criminal Minds spoilers indicate that she will be suffering some post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of what went down in the season 9 finale. She will get some closure on the situation in the second episode of the season, however.

What about Reid? Viewers have worried that perhaps he will fall back to relying on Dilaudid to cope, but it seems that’s not the case. In fact, it is said he will be wiser and seemingly stronger as he moves on from this incident.

From the sounds of the available Criminal Minds spoilers, there are big things in store for viewers as season 10 progresses, and fans won’t want to miss a minute. Tune in to the season 10 premiere of Criminal Minds airing on Wednesday, October 1 on CBS to see Jennifer Love Hewitt as Agent Kate Callahan and see what the rest of the BAU team is doing.

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