Kendra Wilkinson Lost 55 Pounds In Just Five Months Thanks To Ketogenic Atkins Diet

Kendra Wilkinson apparently lost an astounding 55 pounds in just five months following the birth of her second child back in May with the help of a special ketogenic Atkins diet.

At 5-foot-4-inches tall, Wilkinson needs to watch her diet, especially after giving birth, and while her pre-pregnancy weight was 120 pounds, she topped 175 pounds during her second pregnancy.

E! news caught up with Kendra Wilkinson on Monday, and she shared the scoop with them about her dramatic weight loss, “During my pregnancy, I started at 120 and ended up at 175. I researched the perfect diet for after the baby. I love meat, I love vegetables. [Atkins is] low-carb and it’s working so good,” she revealed.

Even though Wilkinson is now back to her pre-baby weight, she is reportedly still dieting hard and working out regularly.

Wilkinson isn’t the only celeb to undergo a dramatic weight loss regime using an Atkins-based diet. Kim Kardashian also apparently lost 56 pounds in just six months on a ketogenic-style Atkins diet that limited her daily carb intake to less than 60 grams.

Another big Atkins diet fan is NBA superstar LeBron James, who recently lost 25 pounds in just 67 days by following a low carb ketogenic style diet with a hint of Paleo.

Kendra spoke about the fact that she has been addicted to working out for a long time.

She also shared that was surprised at how hard it actually was to shed the baby weight following both births, “I’m an athlete, so I thought I would lose the weight so fast right after having the baby, but I didn’t. I learned the pounds don’t just shed off. You have to go on a diet and really take care of your body.”

Kendra Wilkinson made the news headlines recently over controversial allegations relating to her husband, Hank Baskett, who is reported to have had a sexual affair with a well-known transsexual model, although those rumors have never been confirmed officially.

For her part, Kendra said, she doesn’t know whether or not the cheating rumors are true as she reporters, “I really don’t know what to believe. But this is real life. It’s been the hardest four months of my life.”

Thankfully, her rapid weight loss seems to be working far better for Kendra Wilkinson than her marriage skills, and it remains to be seen what will happen in that arena in the future.