Infant Expected To Be Blind After Getting Hit By Hunter’s Bullet [Update]

An infant boy who was involved in a hunting accident is expected to be blinded by a hunter’s stray bullet. Baby Shayne suffered the injury when a bullet penetrated his head.

The Inquisitr previously reported, the hunter was using a.308 rifle while trying to shoot a deer. At the time, the hunter was shooting on father-in-law Joe Bosch’s property. That’s when a stray bullet came into the home on Thursday at around 7 p.m. At the time, Shayne’s father, Jeremie, was holding the infant on the couch when he heard a bang and felt the infant’s head snap back.

Shayne’s mother, Stefanie Iverson, said that the bullet exited through his eye socket and missed hitting his brain, but as stated, he is expected to be blinded due to the accident.

The infant’s aunt Beth Sinclair explains how she heard the news of the accident involving the infant.

“That was the worst phone call I ever got in my life. He will be blind. His eye actually saved his life because the bullet hit that instead of his brain. They’re watching the swelling right now on his brain.”

For donations for Shayne’s medical bills, The Shayne Iverson Fund has been set up. The indiegogo site states, “He’s been such a strong little fighter, fighting for his new life he had just begun, in the ICU sedated. This fundraiser is to help with all the medical expenses as the family fight through this tragedy. ”

Their current goal is $1,000 dollars for medical expenses.

At the time of the accident, Shayne was brought to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and stayed in the ICU, where he was treated.

Dr. Barbara Gaines of the Children’s Hospital said of Shayne’s fragile state.

“A 5-day-old is just learning how to become an air-breathing independent organism. It’s only been separated from a placenta for five days. There can be issues related to immaturity of the heart and the lungs, as well as immaturity as other vital structures.”

According to officials, while the hunter is cooperating with investigators, he may be charged for blinding the infant if he didn’t follow specific hunting regulations.

It’s not stated which hunting regulation might not have been followed, but in order to hunt in Pennsylvania, which is where the incident took place, a location must be a special regulation area.

Additionally, it’s not yet known whether or not the man was hunting during the sanctioned hours.

It is said that a prosecutor will decide whether or not to charge the hunter this week.

[Image via The Shayne Iverson Fund / Indiegogo]

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