Liam Mansell: 4-Year-Old Boy Saves Teachers And Classmates From Fire, Receives Prestigious Bravery Award

Liam Mansell, a four-year-old boy from Wardley, Gateshead in the U.K., was recently awarded one of the most prestigious bravery awards in the country for preventing a school fire that could have potentially injured or even killed classmates and teachers. Mansell, who has just finished one week of classes at the White Mere Community Primary School, accomplished his brave deed when he alerted administrators of a smoke emanating from a section of the school building.

According to a report by the BBC, Mansell was on his way to the comfort room when he smelled smoke rising from a laminator at a particular area of the school. Immediately realizing that the school might be in danger, Liam rushed back to his classroom. Despite the emergency, Mansell was calm when he informed his teacher, saying, “Miss, I think our school’s on fire”.

Sure enough, shortly after Liam’s report, school staff discovered a blaze at the kitchen area of a nursery classroom. Due to Mansell’s quick thinking and bravery the administration was able to evacuate the whole school — including 167 pupils and nursery students — calmly and safely away from the fire, preventing any stampede and enabling responders to extinguish the fire before it became more serious.

Gail Howe, headteacher of the school, expressed her admiration for little Liam Mansell’s courageous act.

“He’s a very confident and friendly little boy. We are extremely proud of Liam. He was on his way to the toilet and thought he could smell smoke.”

She added that Mansell’s unflustered way of alerting school officials was instrumental in preventing any serious injuries to students or further damages to school property.

“Liam raised the alarm in a very prompt fashion, went back into his classroom and said to his teacher ‘I think our school is on fire, Miss.'”

Because Mansell had a vital role in preventing what could have been a serious fire, the local fire department awarded him with a prestigious bravery award. According to the Metro, Liam is the youngest recipient of the award in the country.

Ian Warne, head of the Gateshead and Birtley fire stations, were all praises for four-year-old Mansell.

“His actions not only reduced the damage to the school but made sure all his fellow pupils and teachers were safe. It goes to show no matter how old you are, you can react to a fire safely.”

The White Mere Community Primary School only received minor damages from the fire. No child was hurt from the incident, thanks to Liam Mansell’s brave and stupendous efforts.

[Image from BBC]

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