Cancer Patient Refuses Life Saving Treatment So Her Unborn Baby Could Survive, You Might Need A Tissue

A Southern California woman has decided to accept the ultimate sacrifice to save her unborn child. Ashley Bridges, from Inland Empire, opted to refuse a life saving bone cancer treatment in exchange for her daughter ‘s life. She received the dire diagnosis when she was only 10 weeks pregnant and was told treatment would terminate the pregnancy. Ashley refused to sacrifice her child in exchange for her own life, opting to wait until after her child was born before initiating any treatment. By the 8th month of her pregnancy, she was told the cancer had become terminal.

Ashley justified her reasoning to forgo the treatment in the simplest way possible.

“There’s no way I could kill a healthy baby because I’m sick.”

At the time, the cancer had become so severe that she was forced to deliver the child immediately so they could begin emergency treatments, despite an estimate of less than a year left to live.

“That’s basically when they told me that it was terminal.”

Ashley’s goal was to save her child, without thinking about her own life. Cancer became her foe in the fight to stare into her unborn daughter’s eyes, if only one time. Ashley knew her time was limited, but her daughter, named Paisley, had an entire life ahead of her.

“I felt like I tried so hard to keep Paisley safe and do the minimum [treatment] to keep her healthy. The thought that I’m not going to see her grow up is really hard.”

As inspirational as the story is, there are some that are upset at Ashley Bridges’ decision of self sacrifice in order to save her innocent child. Ashley has a 6 year old son as well, and she has kept him informed of her health and status. His reply to her showed his unconditional love toward his mommy.

“If you pass away, I want to come with you.”

As you wipe the tears from your eyes, others are berating her choice and bashing the decision to choose an unborn child over her 6 year-old son. Amanda Grassi, commenting on a post at, shared her opinion.

“To each their own. I cannot help but feel sorry for the son she had who was already 6 years old. He was obviously not taken into consideration when she made the decision to carry thru a pregnancy that in effect will end her life. Personally I think its a poor decision. Now there will be TWO children without a Mom. To each their own, but I’d have to put the life of my 6 year old over the life of a 10 week old fetus.”

Ashley’s response to refusing cancer treatment, choosing her unborn daughter over life, and leaving her son, was summed up in only a few words spoken about her daughter Paisley.

“Maybe I’m not supposed to be here and she is.”

What are your thoughts on Ashley Bridge’s decision to choose Patience over curing her cancer? Was she brave, was she selfish, or was there even a decision to make? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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