Trainee Vet Stitches Special Message Into Dog’s Skin That’ll Turn Your Stomach

There are many way in which to say ‘I love you’ but a veterinary student in Poland thought the best way to express his feelings of devotion towards his girlfriend would be by stitching them into the skin of an innocent and defenseless animal.

The Daily Mirror reported that unnamed trainee animal doctor bizarrely decided to show off his needlework skills on a pooch he had just carried out surgery on.

What’s worse, the would-be-vet responsible for this nasty needlework, was so pleased with the finished product he decided to post a picture of his diabolical deed onto his girlfriend’s Facebook timeline.

Needless to say, the veterinary’ sick snap and his misplaced romanticism did not sit well with other users of the social network.

The fourth-year student is now under investigation for his “crime of passion” by university staff after his stomach-churning stitch-up sparked a flood of complaints by Facebook’s fuming and furious who have branded the atrocious act as grotesque and unethical.


Although many at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn have defined the wannabe vet’s actions as a stitching crime and deeply disturbing, it would appear the girlfriend begs to differ, leading many to suggest that perhaps Cupid’s arrow has poisoned her faculty of reason.

The girlfriend who sits on a student council is more than happy to defend her lover’s handiwork.

“What’s so unethical about it? He’s learnt to sew in order to help and is just showing his skill.”

However, head of veterinary studies at the university, Andrzej Koncicki, is not so thrilled by the young maestro’s skills and has launched an emergency probe into what to all extents and purposes is barking-mad behavior.

“Saying you love someone is not a bad thing, but the fact that this was stitched into the stomach of an animal does seem immoral and unethical behavior from a student of veterinary science.

“One of the first points of the Vets’ Code of Ethics is that a vet practicing his profession of public trust needs professional conduct and good morals. We need to find out more about what happened here.”

University chiefs say they are keen to discover why the student’s ill-advised joke was not stopped by his supervisor, and are seriously considering giving the veterinary student the axe.

What do you think? Has this trainee vet been stitched up good and proper by Facebook’s righteous hordes. Or do you believe he should reap what he has sown and be expelled from university?

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