Roller Coaster Hits Deer: Riders On 'The Ultimate' Coaster Splattered With Blood, Deer Decapitated

Effie Orfanides

A roller coaster in England hit a deer while in motion and riders were "showered with blood." According to The Closer, The Ultimate which is Europe's longest roller coaster, was carrying riders through the dips and drops when it came into contact with a deer. The young deer made its way across the tracks, but was not fast enough. The coaster, which can reach speeds of 50 mph, hit the deer and decapitated it just before noon time on Saturday.

The incident happened in the one-and-a-half miles of forest. Although there is a fence meant to keep wildlife out, sometimes animals manage to get in. A spokesperson for the Lightwater Valley theme park in Ripon, England, said the deer was killed "instantly."

"We can confirm a young deer did unfortunately get hit by The Ultimate train and was killed instantly. There is a large perimeter fence surrounding the theme park but occasionally wild animals do manage to stray onto the park during the night. After the incident The Ultimate was closed for 30 minutes whilst the ride was thoroughly checked and then normal operation resumed."
"A couple of visitors on the train did have spots of blood on their clothing, but no visitors commented about the incident on the day other than to show concern for the deer."

It's also unknown if riders on the coaster actually saw the deer standing on the track before the point of impact. As you can imagine, being in the front couple of cars was likely very frightening. No one has spoken out about the experience so far.

In another roller coaster report by The Inquisitr, a video of a "daredevil grandma" has gone viral a couple of times over the past year or so. And that video will undoubtedly make you smile!

[Photo courtesy of YouTube screen capture]