Watch those leftovers or you’ll have the food police knocking on your door

First they want to tell us how to get rid of our garbage. Blue box this green box that oh and make sure you use biodegradable garbage bags. Not to mention you get charged for anything over the two bag limit. Then they want to watch you where ever you go regardless of the fact that you’ve never committed a crime in your live but in the new world everyone is apparently guilty of something – it’s just a matter of time before you get caught.

Now word is coming out in England about a new Government program intended to teach wasteful people how to make the proper size portion meals and cooking with leftovers so that not so much food is getting thrown out. I shit you not folks – England is going to have food police, whose job it will be to come knock on your door and teach you all about best before dates and cajole you into using your freezer more.

Of course the government agency; Waste and Resources Action Programme, isn’t being so bold as to call them the food police. No they are going to be called food champions and they will be coming knocking on British doors very soon by the sounds of it. The reasoning of course is to try and cut back on the amount of food waste that is showing up in the garbage

The project is part of WRAP’s “Love Food Hate Waste” campaign, which has so far cost £4 million. The organisation says food waste has a significant environmental impact, in terms of the carbon generated to grow, transport and package items and the cost of having to dispose of them. It has calculated that stopping food waste could reduce the annual emission of carbon dioxide by 18 million tonnes – the same effect as taking one in five cars off the roads.

Source: The Telegraph

I’m sorry but the program might only be costing some £30,000 but this plan is just too stupid for words.

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