Inside Neil Patrick Harris’ Very Orange Wedding To David Burtka [Photos]

Neil Patrick Harris has had a really busy year. Not only did he wrap up the successful series How I Met Your Mother, which relaunched his career, but he won a Tony award for Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway. That’s not the only big accomplishment of the year. On a personal note Neil also wed his longtime partner David Burtka.

Harris broke the news on Twitter after the pair said “I do” in Italy. A few weeks later and now Neil is making the talk show circuit rounds while he promotes his new film Gone Girl. Now he’s giving everyone an inside peek to those special vows with husband David.

Harris appeared on Letterman and opened up about his fairytale day. On why he chose Italy as the place to be married in, the star said that the country held a special sentiment because it was the first trip they vacationed to together as a couple. As for their location? In Neil’s words, “a friend of a friend knew a dude with a castle.”

“There were about fifty people. Elton John sang a few songs, which was cool. That was overwhelming. He introduced our first dance, which was super fun. Our first dance was — do you know Kelly Clarkson’s ‘A Moment Like This?’

“I love games, puzzles and stuff, so there was surprises and no one knew what was happening as it was going on. We had it planned that when the crescendo [hits], fireworks start to go off, but we were in a tiny town in Italy, so I didn’t think the local fireworks dude [would be] timed to the second. Sure enough it happened perfectly.”

Here’s a photo right when the fireworks went off:

Neil Patrick Harris' orange wedding

Earlier on The View Harris revealed details about the actual ceremony. While he anticipated his son Gideon to be shy walking down the aisle, his son declared that he wanted to be “the orange boy.”

“We said, ‘What is an orange boy?’ and he explained this whole thing where he comes down with a basket of oranges. Then, we were trying to find a plan like we’ll tie the rings to an orange.” Neil Gideon handed out oranges as he walking down the aisle.

As it turned out, their daughter Harper ended up being the shy one when it came to making her way down the aisle.

“She panics and she’s refusing to go and she’s clinging to legs and she’s starting to cry and we’re all stressed like, ‘You have to go now, we’ve timed this to the sunset.'”

[Image via YouTube]