Chad Kroeger Slams Avril Lavigne Divorce Rumors On Twitter

Chad Kroeger wants the world to know that he and Avril Lavigne are not on the outs — despite a flood of rumors to the contrary.

The Nickelback front man took to the band’s Twitter account to slam Avril Lavigne divorce rumors through a cryptic tweet that called speculation over their relationship’s demise “RUMORS & LIES”.

Chad’s tweet comes on the heels of his noticeable absence from Avril’s 30th birthday party, as reported by Inquistr. And according to ET Canada, her husband wasn’t the only thing missing from the festivities. The site noted that Lavigne wasn’t wearing her 17-carat emerald-cut wedding ring either. That didn’t stop the Canadian rocker from enjoying herself however:

“Avril looked gorgeous in a strapless gown, accessorized with pearls and diamond bracelets. And it wasn’t just all about the drinks and dancing: the singer took a moment to chow down on one heck of a giant birthday cupcake.”

Rumors of their divorce have plagued Kroeger and Lavigne for months. The pair famously first got together after recording the ironically titled duet “Let Me Go.” They were engaged within a month and eventually got hitched a year later.

And while Kroeger may be tweeting that their marriage troubles are a figment of the public’s imagination, that hasn’t stopped tabloids like US Weekly from sinking their teeth into the story. In fact, a source at US Weekly thinks Kroeger has been “has been going around L.A. telling people that they are divorcing.”

Amidst the marital discord, Kroeger’s band Nickelback has been extremely busy. The Grammy nominated band announced via Twitter that their new album, No Fixed Address, will be available in November:

Nickelback also took to the internet to hype the album’s new singles. The most recent announcement revolved around the single called “What Are You Waiting For,” which they tweeted about on September 9th:

While another new song called “Edge Of A Revolution” made it’s rounds on September 4th:

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