Bar Made Of Glacier Ice Opens In Argentina

If you happen to be visiting Argentina anytime in the near future you might want to add Patagonia to your list of cities to visit. A new bar in the city claims to be the first in the world to be carved out of glacial ice.

Known as GlacioBar the offering is part of the Glaciarium, a museum that celebrates the area’s various glaciers.

The bar specialty is a Coke served with a spirit called Fernet which is served inside the location which is frozen at 17.6 degrees. The new location asks visitors to put on a cape, gloves and boots and limits each visit to 20 minutes.

For anyone crying foul over the “first of its kind” claim for the ice bar it’s important to remember that unlike the Minus5 Ice Bar inside Las Vegas‘ Monte Carlo resort the GlacioBar isn’t made out of your regular run of the mill ice.

I’m curious to know if they serve their drinks out of cups made from ice like other ice bars offer. Would you be willing to sip on an alcoholic beverage inside a below freezing bar?

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