These People Had The Opportunity And They Took Their Best Sarcastic Shot

Hastily scribbled notes, print-outs, painted signs, all tell us what to do and what ought not to be done. These ‘rules’ or ‘signs’ are mostly born out of the necessity to bring some semblance of order; but honestly, they create some of the best opportunities to hit back at the “management” with a little wit that many can collectively snicker at. On quite a few occasions, people have seized these one-of-a-lifetime opportunities to hit a sarcastic home-run.

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Sarcasm is the flavor of life that makes everyday mundane activities, a little easier to bear. These rules, signs & suggestions could always be a little better and little easier to obey, if the maker spent some more time on them, and in some cases, a little more attention to spelling too. But some ingenious souls simply refused to ‘grin and bear it’ and took matters on their own hands. These ‘alterations’, ‘revisions’ or ‘additions’ to the original rules are sure to bring out a much more positive and upbeat response, than the original signs could ever manage.

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