Tim McGraw Divorce Rumors: Drugs, Alcohol Allegedly Affecting Singer’s Marriage To Faith Hill

Tim McGraw continues to be the king of country and his reign will be a difficult one to topple. His latest album, Sundown Heaven Town, is poised to make it to the top of the country charts this month as thousands of fans line up to purchase the record in stores and online. Tim’s album — his 13th collaboration with producer Barry Gallimore — has fans raiding shelves empty, while reviewers are going wild over the album’s iTunes page, leaving positive comments on the singer’s new releases.

McGraw’s career is flourishing, despite the numerous rumors and scandals that have been plaguing him over the past few months. Just recently, after weeks of legal threats and demands for public apologies, Tim McGraw’s “slap-gate” victim Jesslyn Taylor recently settled the whole incident in private with the singer’s legal team, effectively ending the whole concert catwalk fiasco. However, this didn’t stop her from airing out her view of the events. Radar recently had the chance to catch up with the alleged victim, who denied intentionally touching McGraw’s man parts and said that the whole thing was a huge, unfortunate misunderstanding.

Another rumor that never seems to die is Tim’s marriage to fellow country singer Faith Hill and how it is allegedly falling apart due to a lot of influences in his life. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, a few demons — allegedly including drugs, alcohol and cheating suspicions — are haunting Tim and Faith’s relationship with each other, making a divorce reportedly more imminent.

The couple has adamantly denied divorce rumors in the past but, according to the gossip site, “if there ever was a time that rumors of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw getting a divorce were true, now is definitely that time.” Drug and alcohol rumors are apparently appearing more valid than ever, mainly because McGraw’s recent public appearances have allegedly shown him skeletal and unhealthy. Some sources claim he is currently at 138 pounds, a drastic loss of weight for the hunk country singer.

Some are even claiming that Tim McGraw’s alleged drug and alcohol abuse may have triggered the slapping incident he just recently settled, although this hasn’t been verified by both Tim and Jesslyn’s parties. As for the cheating rumors, gossipers haven’t been too eager to mention names, although fans have their own theories and speculations.

Despite these rumors, Tim maintains that he is currently in a happy and committed 18-year relationship with Hill. McGraw says “being as normal as possible” helps him keep his family close and tight behind the Hollywood curtains. Although stories of marriage crises and abuse keep on spurting online, the singer continues to ensure fans that everything is fine within the McGraw household.

Tim McGraw appears on the upcoming film Tomorrowland, set to open in theaters next year.

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