School Bans Tight Clothes, Girls Told They Look Like Prostitutes, Such As ‘Pretty Woman’

High schools seem to be quickly becoming places of extraordinary restriction and absurd banning. TheInquisitr reported last month on one such ban, Chapstick.

“In the most recent instance, of public schools gone wild, Chapstick is the latest casualty. The Chapstick ban is part of the policy in Stuarts Draft Elementary in Craigsville, Virginia. Reason reported on the zero-tolerance policy held by the school.”

This has been one of many odd school bans. Cupcakes also shared the same fate as Chapstick. Though, cupcakes were less essential, it seems to be a growing trend over the past few years for schools to crack down on unusual and sometimes silly things. The most recent object of their banning is “tight clothing”. Leggings, Jeggings, and “tight” jeans are now in the public school’s crosshairs.

According to ComplexMagazine, the most recent school that has adopted this policy said that it was out of concern for distraction.

“an assistant principal at Devils Lake High school banned leggings and anything else like it, including tight jeans and jeggings, on the basis that males—teenage students and male teachers—were apparently unable to focus on their schoolwork around girls wearing these items of clothing.”

The principle that instituted this school’s ban also said that there was a concern over some of the leggings being transparent. At first blush, and without further information, some of it does not sound unreasonable. However, that is not the end to this story.

To make matters worse, the school apparently showed the offending girls clips from the film Pretty Woman. The film where the star Julia Roberts plays a prostitute. The school made comparisons to what the high school girls were wearing and the character in the film.

According to WBNS-10, there has been other schools that seem to have already enacted these bans. The list is short and varied.

“10TV found stories about school bans for leggings and jeggings in Illinois, California, Massachusetts and Oklahoma.”

Also, ValleyNewsLive reports that the school told them about an English teacher who told the high school girls that they looked like “prostitutes walking the street”. The principle objected to the unnamed English teacher’s comments, but stood by the showing of Pretty Woman.

At this time, the consequences for any girl caught wearing the banned attire is unknown, but a girl at the high school told ValleyNewsLive that a change of attire was in order. Yet another said detention, or even suspension, was in order.

As ban upon ban and bans ban bans keep mounting, the question is, Are all these things appropriate or necessary?

What are your thoughts on School bans, or more specifically school attire bans?

Leave your comments below.

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