Maroon 5 Lead Adam Levine Talks Success, Competition And ‘The Voice’ [Video]

Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine is feeling his age. And while 35 might not seem old in the “real world,” he contends that in the world of pop music, he’s competing with “kids.” Joined by Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine, Levine opened up about what success means and taking risks in a September 29 interview with Digital Spy.

The band takes pride in their staying power. After a decade of hits both in the U.S. and internationally, Maroon 5 just topped the charts for the second time with their album V. In 2015, the band will tour the world, with several special concerts scheduled in the United Kingdom. Levine emphasizes that he gets a kick out of soaring above younger groups.

“I always like to see us competing with the kids. These g**d*mned kids, it makes me feel old. That’s right, kids! Still got it, you little b**tards!”

And as the video clip below shows, they’re “just like animals” in their energy.

However, in terms of age, says Adam, it’s more a state of musical mind rather than physical limitations. And like a fine wine, he feels that the band gets better as it ages.

“We do feel old. We’re not old, but we are in the context of pop music. I always feel proud when we get to have more success as we get older.”

Maroon 5 guitarist Valentine agrees. He noted that relevancy requires constantly reinventing not just their songs but their methodology, including their producers.

“We’re constantly reinventing ourselves and we don’t ever want to do the same thing twice. In order to stay relevant you have to try and do new things. We like collaborating with these younger new producers. It seems to be more interesting to be part of the dialog of what’s going on today, rather than being stuck in the past.”

Both of the Maroon 5 band members are candid about how Levine’s presence on The Voice has affected their fan base. They recognize that his presence on what has become a hit show showcased their music to viewers who had never heard of their music. At the same time, they appreciate and want to cater to their fans who have been with them since the band originated, said James.

“We have some hardcore fans from the very beginning, since the club dates. Then there’s a whole new generation since Adam has been on TV that have come along, you could call them more casual fans, and it’s great to have them too. It’s more fun to play for lots of people.”

As The Inquisitr reported, Maroon 5 takes its inspirations in part from the Beatles. Levine feels that those songs influenced him from an early age.

What’s next for the band? It’s a direct contrast to the Beatles. Adam and the band have done a remix prior to the premiere of their “Animals” music video, according to Directly Lyrics September 29 posting. Get ready for Roc Nation rapper J. Cole to rock-n-roll the remix with Maroon 5.

[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images]