Utah Family Of Five Found Dead, Cause Of Death Remains A Mystery

A Utah family of five was found dead at approximately 8 p.m Saturday evening. Springsville officials confirmed the bodies of a couple and their five children were found together. However, their cause of death remains unknown.

Authorities identified the family as Benjamin Strack, 37, Kristy Strack, 36, and their children Bensen, 14, Emery, 12, and Zion, 11. Another son, whose name was not released, found all five bodies in his parents’ bedroom.

Although authorities have not ruled out foul play, preliminary autopsies did not reveal any signs of trauma. Police Lt. Dave Caron said he and his colleagues did not find “anything that would suggest a struggle.”

As reported by The Associated Press, the medical examiner was unable to determine the cause of death, as there were no signs of “violent trauma.” Authorities hope blood samples will provide some clues in the mysterious deaths.

Caron said it is possible the Utah family was killed by carbon monoxide. However, the lethal gas was not detected inside the home. When authorities arrived on scene, the doors had been left open by the couple’s older son. Caron suggests the carbon monoxide could have dispersed before the air quality testing was performed.

Although carbon monoxide is a silent killer, Caron confirmed two cats and a ferret were found alive inside the home. It is unlikely the pets would have survived toxic levels of carbon monoxide — unless it was confined to the parents’ bedroom.

As reported by Fox News, the Strack family lived in a duplex. Thankfully, the family living in the other side of the home was unharmed.

Lieutenant Caron said he is taking the investigation “one step at a time.” Although there were no obvious signs of foul play, he said he has not “ruled out anything,” and will continue to “look at everything.”

Authorities are unsure what killed the Utah family of five. However, they underlined the fact that it is very early in the investigation. A spokesperson for the police department said residents have nothing to fear, as there is no danger to the community.

As reported by KUTV, neighbors describe the family as quiet but friendly. A teen boy, who lived in the other side of the duplex, said he and the Strack children were close friends. He said he will miss them terribly.

Authorities are still unsure what killed the Utah family. However, several agencies are working together to solve the mystery.

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