PS4 VS Xbox One: 1080p 60FPS Impossible For ‘Sunset Overdrive’ Even Without The Kinect?

The PS4 Vs. Xbox One hardware battle continues, with yet another developer confirming that Xbox One 1080p 60FPS performance may be impossible in some scenarios.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when the Diablo 3 Xbox One resolution was going to be 900p, Microsoft objected, saying that lower resolution was “unacceptable.”

Unfortunately, both the Xbox One and PS4 GPU are relatively slow and will hold back gaming. Already there is talk of a PlayStation 5 and a next Xbox being released in 2020, which might have something to do with the low system specifications that were targeted for this generation. While developers will of course be working on optimizations, and the Xbox One DirectX 12 update will help a little, some developers claim that for certain graphics-intense titles that Xbox One 1080 60FPS performance is a pipedream for the current generation.

Microsoft knew that achieving performance and visual parity with the PlayStation 4 was a major marketing issue, so they supposedly unlocked a portion of the Xbox One GPU and CPU (it’s actually a SoC) normally reserved for the Kinect 2.0. Bungie may have managed to mostly pull off making Destiny appear the same on both platforms, with the PS4 receiving only a few graphical graces, but unfortunately this ability to keep up may have been largely due to the fact the game was designed to function on both the Xbox 360 and PS3, as well.

During the summer, Insomniac Studios claimed the game was running at 900p 30FPS and it was assumed by most gamers the final version would ship with 1080p 60FPS performance. Unfortunately, Insomniac Games president Ted Price revealed that the benefits of not having a Kinect primarily affect any CPU performance bottlenecks, which meant they couldn’t meet the HD standard.

“What happened for developers not using the Kinect is that there was a slight boost in CPU power that we got to take advantage of. This game really does push the limits when it comes to the number of enemies on screen, so it was useful for us to have more CPU juice to help with physics, navigation and AI. We’re running at 900p and 30 fps native. This is a game with a lot on the screen and we made the choice to be at 900 because we wanted to push the level of detail, action, the size of the city and the views you can experience as move around. What’s great about Sunset Overdrive is if you can see it, you can go there.”

While the PS4 Vs. Xbox One battle is pretty much over when it comes to sales, it doesn’t help Microsoft that as more net-gen titles start to come out there will be more titles released which can only handle 900p. The question remains if gamers will actually notice or care enough to change their buying patterns.

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