Infamous Amy’s Baking Company Owner Threatens Customer With A Knife

It was arguably the most appalling, frustrating, and most controversial episode of Fox’s Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. Amy’s Baking Company out of Scottsdale, Arizona, owned by Samy and Amy Bouzaglo, became infamous for the way they treated their staff and their customers on the now-defunct Fox series. The show — and the owners — were so controversial that Gordon Ramsay walked out, unable to even try and help the Bouzaglos.

Now Samy Bouzaglo is back in the public eye after TMZ originally reported that he chased an inebriated customer out of the store and then allegedly threatened the customer with a knife in his hands. Some things never change, apparently. As explained by KTAR, Bouzgalo ordered the drunk customer to leave, which he did, and then Bouzaglo chased him outside, shouting profanities as he begged his wife, Amy, to “Let me,” in regard to possibly going after the customer with the blade in his hand. TMZ reports in their story that the Bouzaglos admit that Samy was holding a pen and not a knife, but the video on TMZ’s site clearly shows Bouzgalo holding a knife.

Later, after Samy was forced back into the restaurant, Amy Bouzgalo returns outside yelling at the man and calling his a “coward” amidst other profanities.

All of this comes after Amy’s Baking Company’s infamous appearance on Kitchen Nightmares, not once, but twice. After closing the shop after the first show, the Bouzaglos reopened with a new staff and a new attitude. Gordon Ramsay even revisited the shop in the show’s last season, according to a story posted on The Inquisitr. Since the appearances, Amy’s Baking Company was rumored to be in the running for its own reality series, and Saturday’s scary, possibly violent stunt could have been a part of that.

Regardless of whether it was all a stunt, Scottsdale Police are looking into the incident. According to local Phoenix affiliate ABC15, Scottsdale Police were involved.

“Scottsdale police said when officers arrived the man had already left the scene. The incident was documented, but no arrests were made. Authorities said charges could be possible if, and when, the man is located and interviewed.”

The man in question has yet to come forward and has not been identified. Amy and Samy Bouzaglo have not been charged, but that could change when and if the mysterious drunk customer comes forward. Amy’s Baking Company remains open in Scottsdale, and it look to be still mired in shocking controversy. Would you expect anything less?

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