ISIS Infiltrated By U.S., British Spies In Hunt For Jihadi John, Cameron Vows To Send In Commandos

ISIS has been infiltrated by spies working for both British and American intelligence agencies now scrambling feverishly to locate the English-accented masked executioner known as “Jihadi John,” according to reports out of the U.K. The terrorist appears in each of the three beheading videos of two American journalists and a British aid worker who were kidnapped by ISIS fanatics.

The spies have slipped info to British and U.S. agents secretly on the ground in Syria, helping them close in on the elusive ISIS psychopath publicly nicknamed Jihadi John, Britain’s Daily Mail reported on Saturday.

The news that U.S. and U.K. intelligence services have infiltrated ISIS comes just two days after the American FBI announced that it had positively identified “Jihadi John,” and is now attempting to narrow down the ISIS killer’s location within Syria.

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday vowed to send in special forces troops to capture Jihadi John as soon as the militant, believed to be a British citizen, is pinpointed, adding that he would not wait for Parliamentary approval before ordering such a mission.

As an aerial bombing campaign spearheaded by United States forces, but which has now been joined by Great Britain, continues to hammer ISIS fighters and facilities, sources inside Syria say that ISIS members have become paranoid about leaks, and have radically curtailed their formerly active online propaganda campaign.

“ISIS reportedly issued a communiqué to its members Friday, ordering them to keep off of Twitter, Facebook and other social media, fearing that information posted there could be used by the U.S. an Britain to figure out ISIS positions and target them with bombing raids.

“ISIS commanders threatened their group’s own members that anyone violating the social media ban will be ‘exposed and disgraced.'”

The FBI, while stating that the true identity of Jihadi John was now known in certainty, declined to expose the world’s most infamous ISIS operative at this time, out of concern for the safety of captives still held by Jihadi John and his cell, known to former hostages as “The Beatles,” due to the terrorists’ British accents that appeared to betray their British origins.

But sources say that former London rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, who fled his London home last year to join ISIS in Syria, has been ruled out of suspicion that he is the terrorist who beheaded the three Westerners in the ISIS video releases.

Instead, the sources revealed on background to media outlets that Jihadi John grew up England, apparently in an Arabic-speaking home, and is fluent in that language as well as English.

The investigators say that the ISIS killer is of either Yemeni or Sudanese descent. But his identification has been problematic because Jihadi John never removed his mask in front of his Western hostages, making it nearly impossible for captives who have since been freed from ISIS clutches to positively recognize him.

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