Miami Nightclub Shooting: 15 Wounded In Mass Shooting, Including Several Children

A shooting at a Miami nightclub left as many as 15 people wounded, including several children, and police say they are still trying to uncover suspects or a motive.

The incident took place in the early morning hours on Saturday at The Spot, a nightclub near Northwest 64th Street and 7th Avenue. The Miami Department of Fire Rescue noted that 15 people were taken to local hospitals.

Officials noted that at least seven victims of the Miami nightclub shooting were children between the ages of 12 and 17. Police said at least one of the victims is listed in critical condition.

Authorities said there was a large party inside the club when at least one gunman opened fire. There was no details over the circumstances of the Miami nightclub shooting.

Few details are known at this time. A Miami police department spokesperson said they are still trying to determine just how many people may have fired shots during the confusion.

“At this point, we are not sure if we have one shooter or multiple shooters,” the spokesperson said.

The shooting left so many people injured that emergency responders had to set up makeshift triage units on a nearby sidewalk. Some of the victims were taken to nearby Jackson Memorial Hospital.

“It turned out to be a mass casualty incident,” said Capt. Ignatius Carroll of Miami Fire Rescue.

Police said they are interviewing victims of the shooting to determine a possible motive.

To this point, investigators said they are stumped as to the cause of the shooting.

“We have no motive,” Frederica Burden, a spokeswoman for Miami police, told USA Today. “We don’t know if it was one or several shooters, or how many shots were fired. It is baffling.”

Though there were 15 people injured, it appears the shooting could have been much worse. Witnesses said they heard as many as 100 gunshots during the Miami nightclub shooting.

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