Lottery Winning Waitress Makes Unbelievable Admission — She Won’t Quit Waiting Tables

If you won the lottery, what would you do? A new car? A new house? How would winning the lottery change your life?

For many lottery winners or the rest of us who just dream about hitting a big lottery jackpot, at least one answer to the question in an easy one — we’d tell the boss to take this job and shove it!

It’s difficult to imagine, for most of us anyway, becoming a multimillionaire overnight, and then showing up to the same old, dreary job the next day. But not Rhonda Meath of Linwood Township, Minnesota. And what’s more amazing is that Rhonda has one of the most quittable jobs imaginable. She waits tables.

Now, if you’ve ever waited tables in a restaurant or been close to someone who has, you know that the job can be a huge hassle, filled with rude customers who leave lousy tips, insane bosses and long hours on your feet — all for pay that often comes in below minimum wage.

That’s Rhonda Meath’s job. The 51-year-old Meath, along with her husband Joe, won the largest jackpot in in the history of the multi-state Hot Lotto lottery game earlier this month, claiming an $11.7 million prize in the state’s Hot Lotto game. Should be a life-altering sum for a waitress and a retired turbine operator, right?

But Rhonda says she doesn’t plan on changing her life at all. She’s going to keep right on waiting tables at the Lake Elmo Inn in the tiny, rural town of Lake Elmo, Minnesota.

“I have a fabulous job, and I like to work. I actually have to work tonight,” said Rhonda when she and her husband Joe picked up their lottery winnings at the state’s lottery headquarters in Roseville.

“I actually really enjoy my job,” she reiterated to ABC’s Good Morning America program later. “I have great friends here and a great boss, and it’s just really a fantastic place to work, so I have no plans of leaving.”

Her husband had pretty much the same reaction. “We’re not going to do anything out of the ordinary,” he said.

So much for lottery fantasies. Joe Meath did say that he planned to set up a scholarship for the clerk at Corner Express Shell gas station in East Bethel who sold him the winning lottery ticket. He may also buy a new RV. And Rhonda, a dog enthusiast, plans to donate money to St. Paul Police Canine Foundation.

Otherwise, they say they won’t change their lives at all, despite suddenly becoming $11.7 million richer — money they get to keep in its entirety because Minnesota covers all withholding taxes on the winnings.

So, we ask again, what would you do if you won the lottery?

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