Stephen King Believes In ‘Intelligent Design’ – Here’s Why

Known for his horror stories that run from the gory to the supernatural with an occasional nod to the extraterrestrial, Stephen King said he believed in intelligent design in a recent interview with the Huffington Post.

“The very construction of the world and the fact that we seem to be the only blue-populated planet in the universe — and we’ve been looking for quite a while now, at least since the late 50s —it makes you have to believe that if we happened by accident, it would make winning the lottery look like flipping a coin. It’s so complex. So I have a tendency to believe in intelligent design.”

In a nutshell, Stephen King believes that life and our world is simply too perfect to be a mere random occurrence.

As far as espousing any one certain faith or credence, Stephen King said he isn’t a “big booster of organized religion.” King said that when it comes to organized religions, regardless of whether talking about Islamic faith or Christianity in any of its forms, somewhere down the line, it will ultimately lead to someone “putting a gun in your hand” or influencing a person to attempt wrongdoings against others of a different religion.

Despite Stephen King’s cynicism for organized religions, he does seem optimistic about the idea of an actual creator leading the way through life.

“The other thing is that I think believing in a God, a higher power or some sort of a spiritual force, is enriching to a person’s life,” King said. “So, while I don’t hold any brief for the afterlife one way or another — I’m an agnostic that way — I love the idea that there could be a power greater than myself that’s sort of writing the script. I try to live my life by saying that God may be watching out for me, but I still had better only cross when the little man turns white.”

Intelligent design is the view that “”certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.” It’s a theological argument that has been used for centuries – including by St. Thomas Aquinas in his Five Proofs, who summed the theory up eloquently by saying, “Wherever complex design exists, there must have been a designer;nature is complex; therefore nature must have had an intelligent designer.”

Are you surprised that Stephen King believes in a higher being?

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