Bill O’Reilly Calls ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters A Bunch Of Crackhead Drug Dealers

Fox TV personality and relentless mouthpiece Bill O’Reilly on Thursday went off his rocker calling the Occupy Wall Street protesters a bunch of “crackheads” who are dealing dope to people on the street while occupying Manhattan’s Zucotti Park.

Even O’Reilly guests and sympathizers were a bit shocked by his ignorant comments with conservative author Margaret Hoover saying:

“They’re not crackheads, Bill,” while she added “There’s soft drugs—marijuana, stuff that you inhale. I personally haven’t smelled it. My husband has.” She then added “It’s a counter culture collective.”

One aspect of the Occupy Wall Street is certain, GOP members simply don’t have a clue what is going on across the country with various protests, earlier this week Newt Gingrich said many of the participants are “sincere middle-class people who, frankly, are very close to the Tea Party people.” Gingrich then noted that they “clean up after themselves,” unlike the left-wing “agitators” that were also attending the protests.

Of course O’Reilly had to get the last word in and when he was told that the protesters support the socialist systems found in Canada and Denmark he responded:

“I love Canada and Denmark, so maybe I should join this group.”

Here’s a better plan for you Mr. O’Reilly, move to Canada or Denmark, although I highly doubt they’d be willing to give you citizenship. In the meantime I find it amusing that GOP members such as Gingrich are attempting to align themselves with the “good people” at the rally’s while at the same time speaking out against the message found at the protests.

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