'Big Brother' Fans Should Not Expect An All-Stars Season, Says Julie Chen

Big Brother 16 has barely ended, and fans are already looking ahead to future seasons. Some are wondering whether there is another "All-Stars" season in the show's future, consisting entirely of players who have been through the game once before. Entertainment Weekly interviewed host Julie Chen as the season was wrapping up and posed that question, tweeted in from a Big Brother fan.

Chen told EW that the ratings for Big Brother were up this year, in a cycle that featured all new players. She said although returning contestants have their place, there is value in bringing in new cast members.

"Look, we love the Will Kirbys, the Mike Boogies, and the Janelles, and they will always have a special spot in our hearts. And maybe they'll make an appearance in some sort of stunt, but I think the beauty of this game is showing true fans who have never played it, who have played it just from their armchair at home, have a stab at it and realize, wow, I had no idea what I was in for. You keep the game more pure that way."
Despite Chen's reluctance to offer fans some familiar faces, executive producer Allison Grodner was more optimistic when speaking with The Hollywood Reporter.
"We're in season 16 — our last full all-star [season] was seven, so I'm sure there's one in the near future. [Right now] we're building up more all-stars."
THR also reported that Big Brother has been renewed for another two years.

Despite the fact that Big Brother has only had one official "All-Stars" season, the show frequently brings back houseguests from previous seasons. A notable example includes the coaches twist from Season 14, where favorite players returned, first as coaches to new players, and then as regular contestants.

Jeff and Jordan, the beloved couple who met on the series, came back during Big Brother 16 for a public engagement in the backyard of the Big Brother house.

As for who might appear on a Big Brother"All-Stars" season, CarterMatt has a few suggestions. They include Derrick Levasseur, who just won Big Brother 16, and several of his house mates, including the ever-entertaining Zach Rance and the likable pair of Nicole Franzel and Donny Thompson. CarterMatt also names a couple of past winners, including Ian Terry, Andy Herren, and Eddie McGee, who won the very first season of the U.S. version of Big Brother.

CarterMatt and Laura Rosenfeld, writing in Bustle agree on other potential "All-Stars" they would like to see, including Matt Hoffman from Season 12, Shelley Moore from Season 13, and Amanda Zuckerman from Season 15.

[Image: Big Brother/CBS]