Bryan Cranston Fulfills Cancer-Stricken Fan’s Wish

Bryan Cranston once again proves just how awesome he is. On Saturday, Brad Joyner, 19, was able to talk to his Breaking Bad idol.

Brad was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer shortly after graduating high school. Instead of losing hope, the teen is choosing to enjoy his life.

“This cancer is nasty with a low rate of survival. But I have a strong faith and wanted to really live. So my mom and I made a ‘living list.'”

Brad is a big fan of Cranston’s show Breaking Bad and one of the items on his list is meeting Bryan Cranston. Brad’s family and friends then set up an online campaign in the hopes of reaching Cranston. His aunt who is a photographer, took pictures of people carrying a sign that read #BreakingBrad.

Bryan Cranston

The #BreakingBrad effort went viral and word eventually got to Bryan Cranston who got in touch with Brad’s family in North Carolina. Though he couldn’t meet with Brad in person, he scheduled a meeting with him via Skype. The two talked through video chat for about 30 minutes, but Cranston didn’t stop there.

Philly reports that Cranston also ordered an ice cream truck to go to Brad’s neighborhood so he could enjoy some sweet treats with his entire neighborhood.

Brad Joyner couldn’t be happier to have another wish on his living list fulfilled. According to Mashable, Brad has already done two items on his list: driving a 1967 Shelby Mustang and swimming with sharks.

“He is freakin’ awesome! I told him about my living list, and shark diving, and riding in my dream car. I asked him if he had a living list what would he do. He is an adventure seeker who is all about the experience of living.”

Aimee Pettigrew, Brad’s mother, shared her son’s experience by posting pictures on Facebook.

“Soo Bryan Cranston is FABULOUS! He skyped with Brad Joyner for over 30 min!!! The whole family watched as the 50 inch screen showed us Bryan’s smiling face. The end of skype? Bryan Cranston ordered an Icecream (sic) truck to arrive in Brads honor and our whole neighborhood enjoyed Icecream (sic) with Brad. #breakingbrad. #GODis bigger than cancer.”

In addition to the Skype conversation and ice cream truck surprise, Bryan Cranston will also be sending Brad some memorabilia from Breaking Bad. Brad, in turn, will be sending his idol a #BreakingBrad shirt.

[Images via Aimee Pettigrew/BreakingBrad/Ask Men]