Kaley Cuoco’s Upset Husband Throws A Fit After She Beats Him At Tennis [Video]

Kaley Cuoco’s husband might be named Ryan Sweeting, but he sure doesn’t act very sweet whenever his wife beats him on the tennis court.

Kaley recently shared a short Instagram video showcasing her tennis skills, and Fansided reports that Cuoco actually has “some pretty solid technique.” The Big Bang Theory star is so good, in fact, that she appears to defeat Ryan Sweeting in the Instagram clip.

Kaley Cuoco’s poor hubby doesn’t handle losing to a girl very well at all — Sweeting is shown angrily throwing slamming his tennis racket to ground after he presumably hits the ball into the tennis net. The reaction might make some women roll their eyes because Ryan appears to be a sore loser who is overreacting to getting beat. However, he has a legitimate reason to be upset with himself — he’s a professional tennis player.

It’s possible that Ryan Sweeting actually let Kaley Cuoco win and faked his temper tantrum. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kaley admits that she throws a fit whenever she can’t beat Ryan, so perhaps he has decided that life is easier whenever he lets her win. However, he has to be really good at being a fake loser. During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Cuoco told Kimmel that she won’t let Sweeting play badly on purpose.

“He’s like, ‘I’ll play left handed today,’ and I’m like, ‘No. play for real.’ And he’s like, ‘Play for real? What is wrong with you?’ So he’ll play full-out, and I’m just crushed and devastated and furious.”

The Big Bang Theory star admitted that these matches usually end in “tears and agony.”

Cuoco was desperate to beat her pro husband, and now it looks like she finally got her wish. However, this might not be good for Ryan Sweeting’s tennis career.

At least Sweeting didn’t get beat by someone with little tennis experience. According to The Business Insider, Kaley has been playing tennis since she was 3-years-old. At one point, she was even a regionally ranked amateur player.

The Instagram video of Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting’s tennis match does raise one very interesting question: Does Cuoco record every game in the hopes that she’ll finally beat her husband, and is this the first time it happened? For the sake of Ryan’s career, hopefully it remains an extremely rare occurrence.

Do you think Kaley Cuoco’s husband let her beat him, or is possible that The Big Bang Theory star’s determination and competitive spirit finally paid off?

[Images via Kaley Cuoco/Instagram, Just Jared]