Here’s 11 minutes of Syndicate gameplay

After hearing that the Starbreeze-developed Syndicate reboot was due out in February 2012, only a short few months after the game’s announcement, gamers voiced concern over the relatively quick 5-month turn-around time.

If you were among those who were concerned, EA and Starbreeze released a video today that should clear up any worries you had about the game.

The video, narrated by EA’s Jeff Gaman, walks us through a 11-minute-long segment of Syndicate‘s singleplayer campaign. The section sees protagonist Miles Kilo, under the employ of the Eurocorp, teaming up with his partner and mentor to infiltrate one of rival Syndicate Aspari’s facilities to retrieve stolen technology.

The video gives a pretty good look at the game’s mechanics, so those of you curious about the Syndicate reboot should definitely check this one out. You can do so directly below.

Syndicate is due out on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 21 in North America.