gets replies tab, clones already appearing

Open source microblogging platform, which launched 5 days ago to a big splash, is already evolving with the addition of a replies tab.

The basic feature allows users to see who has responded to them on, bring the service one step closer to Twitter...well, while Twitter has replies working today anyway. Some reports have passing the 10,000 user mark over the weekend, a decent start for a brand new service.

On the front, the code behind that also supports the OpenMicroBlogging platform, a number of compatible clones have already popped up. There doesn't seem to be any serious competitors yet with most sites appearing experimental (and in my practice, not always working perfectly), but 5 days in, it's a start. Some sites to check out

The procedure to subscribe from one service to another seems to be working, although the process is rather cumbersome and we are still a long while off being able to swap services at easily. To subscribe to a user on another install, visit their page, click subscribe, then in the secondary box add your personal URL from the service you use (for example:. Then the rest should follow.

(in part via Dave Winer on FF, also hat tip to Michael C Harris on the cross posting here)