Ashton Kutcher ‘Nervous Wreck,’ Mila Kunis’ Pregnancy Goes Past Due Date

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were expecting their baby on September 18, but that child is simply not yet ready to face the world. Reports indicate that as of September 26, Mila has still not given birth. The situation has Kutcher admitting he is nervous.

According to People Magazine, a friend of Kutcher said “he is a nervous wreck.”

Kutcher seemed to reaffirm his mental state saying on Twitter, “Nervous is excited’s victim sister.”

In the meantime, Mila Kunis was spotted in loose camo pants at a Starbucks, still fully pregnant with her baby daughter.

The delay has thrown a wrench into some of the couple’s extensive baby planning.

Ashton took the week of September 18 off of shooting for Two and a Half Men in anticipation of the delivery, but not before expanding the his nesting habits to the set. He uploaded this picture on September 24.

For the birth itself, Kunis initially wanted a natural birth, but doctors and Ashton disagreed.

A source from the Radar Online said, “Mila was going to do an all-natural birth with no medications or sedatives, but she has been advised against this because she is such a small girl… Ashton will not accept this and refuses to see her in pain.”

Nevertheless, Mila Kunis intends to give birth using as little pain medication as possible. She’s stayed active with a strict yoga regiment, which should also help make the painful process as quick as possible, when it does actually happen.

An anonymous source explained to Us weekly, “She could give birth any day now, but they talk with their doctor often and there is a constant communication so everyone knows where they are at. It’s going to be very quick when it all goes down. The yoga and staying active at this level in the pregnancy was also something that was discussed, so that she needed the lowest amount of drugs, if any.”

In the end, the couple needs to get this child out there so they can ready for the next one. Both Mila and Kutcher have expressed a desire for a large family. It wouldn’t be all that surprising if she’s pregnant again a few months after the birth of her first daughter.

So many plans on hold until the baby girl reveals herself. In the meantime, Mila Kunis and Ashton will have to learn to change the nervousness back into excitement.

[Image Credit: MyCanon/Wikimedia Commons]

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