Grave Of Greek Woman Dug Up After ‘Cries For Help,’ Dies (Again) Before Being Rescued

Mourners laying flowers at a loved one’s grave in a Greek cemetery were alarmed to hear muffled bangs and screams coming from a nearby grave. Police were called, and nearby gravediggers frantically dug up the grave, but the woman inside was found dead (again?).

The unnamed 49-year-old Greek woman was a mother of two who had died and been buried literally only hours before in the norther Greek city of Perraia, according to The Guardian. She had died at a private clinic in the Greek city of Thessaloniki. There, a doctor declared her dead (for the first time), and his or her report has been made available to the media.

According to the New Zealand Herald, she had died of cancer.

“A cardiogram has rendered it certain that the patient above is no longer alive.”

Chrissi Matsikoudi, the doctor who examined the corpse of the dug-up grave, does not believe the claims that the woman was buried alive.

“The body was in a state of rigor mortis… it is impossible that only a short time before the deceased had been crying for help when we found her in [that] state. Her eyes, it is true, were open but the coroner can give an explanation for that. As far as her mouth is concerned, I cannot say it was open, it was relaxed.”

A lawyer for the family, however, is not buying the doctor’s claims. Nikos Dialynas says that witnesses who saw her tomb being dug up saw the woman with her hands raised.

“We have the testimonies of three people, who are not related to the deceased and which are serious and very concrete [in detail]. They include an employee who worked at the cemetery. They hadn’t escaped from some psychiatric hospital nor were they [suffering], optically or acoustically, from delusions. What they say is very plain, very clear.”

Although the prospect of being buried alive is terrifying, it has happened relatively few times in recorded history. However, there are always close calls. Just last month, for example, Brazilian Valdelucio Goncalves was in a body bag and was hours away from being buried when he awoke, according to this Inquisitr report.

As for the Greek woman who was dug up: Another autopsy is scheduled, this time with a pathologist and second coroner, and the district’s police will be launching an investigation.

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