ISIS Airstrikes: UK Parliament Approves Attacks Against ISIS in Iraq

The U.K. parliament voted on Friday by a huge majority of 542 to 43 to join ISIS airstrikes in Iraq. A breaking news report from The Guardian said that the parliament vote was urged by the British government to show support for the fight in the region where Islamic extremists are attempting to form a caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

Prime Minister David Cameron said during his speech leading up to the vote that ISIS needs to be destroyed in Syria as well as Iraq.

“I do believe there is a strong case for us to do more in Syria but I did not want to bring a motion to the House today which there wasn’t consensus for,” said Cameron. “It’s better if our country can proceed on the basis of consensus.”

Cameron said that Britain’s support for the government of Iraq with the ISIS airstrikes will be conditional on the defense and protection of both Sunnis and Shias. He also said the decision would be a sign of support for the U.K.’s Muslim friends.

“We will play our part in destroying these evil extremists, we will support our Muslim friends around the world as the reclaim their religion and, once again, our inspirational armed forces will put themselves in harm’s way to keep our people and our country safe.”

The U.K. will join the U.S., the U.A.E, and several other Arab states carrying out the airstrikes against ISIS. A poll done ahead of the vote showed more than 50 percent of the British public are in support of military intervention.

Numerous members of British parliament tweeted about their disapproval over the ISIS airstrikes vote and the process leading up to the vote.

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