Twin Peaks Restaurant Out-Sexes Even Hooters

Twin Peaks restaurant is a Dallas-based chain that has 16 beers on tap, “well-built” burgers, and swarm of scantily clad female wait staff serving more than just french fries. You don’t have to guess which three of these traits is making Twin Peaks the fastest growing restaurant chain in America.

Twin Peaks’ very mission is to crank up the sex appeal to beat out competition like Hooters for the title of “most scandalous place to get a burger.” In the post-Miley Cyrus era, it’s getting harder and harder for something like Hooters to seem shocking or even tantalizing. As a consequence, Hooters sales have remained relatively flat, while competition like Twin Peaks restaurant creeps in to take advantage of new trends, Technomic vice-president Darren Tristano told Bloomberg.

“The results at Twin Peaks are higher because of the sexual appeal of its servers. The customers, who are almost entirely male, make their decision based on that.”

Not so, says Twin Peaks restaurant CEO Randy DeWitt. He says that Twin Peaks isn’t ignoring the appeal of its food to draw in customers from outside its primary market. Everything is made from scratch, DeWitt says, and the drinks are cold.

“If you can deliver a beer in August with ice crystals on it every single time, that’s something special.”

But that’s not to say that Dewitt is oblivious to the fact that his waitresses are the main driver of Twin Peaks’ success. DeWitt himself calls them “weapons of mass distraction.” The name reflects what his army of sensual waitresses have done to the market’s competition — the restaurant pulled in $165 million in sales last year, with each of the 57 restaurants averaging about $3.6 million.

Twin Peaks’ best assets, however, come from a deep investment. Twin Peaks restaurant girls get free tanning and nail appointments, as well as extensive training in the necessary skills to wait tables at the “breastaurant.” But that’s not to say that all of his former servers are thrilled about the treatment they received in exchange for the massive tips. Diamond Dampf, a former employee who used her Twin Peaks money to finance her college tuition, told Bloomberg she was disgusted by the push from management to be more seductive.

“The whole thing is degrading. Unfortunately, the girls are a dime a dozen, and that’s how they’re treated.”

Of course, businesses like Twin Peaks and Hooters have to be careful to sell sexuality instead of sex itself. Two similar coffee shops, one also named Twin Peaks, were shut down for prostitution last month.

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