Giant Krispy Kreme Doughnut Box Holds Double Hundred Dozen, Your Sugar Overdose Dream Is Here

The giant Krispy Kreme Double Hundred Dozen box is exactly like it sounds. The box is stuffed with 2,400 donuts full of glazed goodness and almost makes everyone want to relive “talk like a pirate day” by boarding their merry ship and taking some donuty booty. Arrrrrr you with me?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Krispy Kreme is not afraid of no ghost since they introduced a doughnut themed after the Ghostbusters movies franchise. They also recently introduced coffee donuts and they’re also wanting to expand beyond donuts by selling cereal, candles, and ice cream.

When seen from the sky, the giant Krispy Kreme Double Hundred Dozen box looks almost like it’s holding cheerios. The 2,400 glazed carriers of gooey goodness have been stuffed into a single container measuring 11.4 feet by three feet long. It’s so heavy that multiple Krispy Kreme workers were required just to hold it in order to deliver the giant box for a company called 360 Resourcing Solution, which won a contest for the giant Krispy Kreme Double Hundred Dozen box by tweeting about doughnut promotion.

Unfortunately, those on a diet probably wish the giant Krispy Kreme Double Hundred Dozen box had the calories of cheerios. A single original glaze Krispy Kreme dougnut has 210 calories, meaning that the entire box of 2,400 amount to a staggering 504,000 calories for the entire pack.

But why would anyone actually create the giant Krispy Kreme Double Hundred Dozen box? It turns out there is a new Krispy Kreme “occasions” division which is responsible for a new type of alternative marketing. Their goal is to create viral sensations like giant doughnuts or produce doughnut towers and other works of art. Well, I guess we all need something to replace those endless appetizers at TGI Fridays.