The Latest ‘Big Hero 6’ Trailer Fires On All Cylinders [VIDEO]

If there is one upcoming film that seems like it isn’t quite getting the attention it should be getting, it’s Big Hero 6, and this latest trailer from Disney is proving that case. The initial Big Hero 6 teaser was essentially just a series of funny and charming scenes from the film, and the first real trailer played the comedy way up in order to appeal to kids. This new trailer, however, shows a completely different and necessary side to Big Hero 6 that finally gives older audiences a reason to hit up the theaters this winter.

The new Big Hero 6 trailer opens up with a set of home videos of a young man named Tadashi, who is revealed to be the recently deceased brother of Hiro Hamada, the fourteen-year-old protagonist of the story. Upon his death, Tadashi left Hiro his robot, Baymax, who was programmed for healing. There, of course, are some other plot elements involving Hiro’s friends and some devious villain in a mask, but the trailer does a fantastic job of setting most of that aside and exposing the true heart of the story. What Big Hero 6 mostly seems to be about is how a young boy copes with grief, and how the friendship of a robot changes his life forever.

The Other Four
From left to right: Fred, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Go Go Tamago...the other four "heroes" in the story.

On top of capitalizing on the core emotional story, the trailer also, for the first time, highlights the other characters in the story–the other 4 in Big Hero 6, mainly. Making the story both comical and relatable, it assembles an atypical group of superheroes. “We can’t go against that guy. We’re nerds!” one of the characters states, showing that unlike the usual Marvel superheroes, one does not need to have the body or attitude of a bodybuilder to be a hero.

Big Hero 6 is inspired by the Marvel property of the same name, though based on all we’ve seen (and even more we’ve heard going on in the background), Disney seems perfectly content to keep the fantastical world of San Fransokyo completely Avenger-free, according to Vulture (via Nerdist).

“The studio feels that it has less in common with the feet of clay heroes of Iron Man and Thor, and more with the imperfect but broader heroes like Wreck-It-Ralph or Buzz and Woody.”

It doesn’t necessarily rule out any possibilities in the future, but Big Hero 6 definitely seems to have more in common animation-wise with recent Disney flicks than its source material, so I wouldn’t expect a cameo from Nick Fury any time soon.

Does the new Big Hero 6 trailer have you pumped for the movie, or do you think you’ll find yourself skipping out this time around?