Jason Derulo Opens Up About Split From Jordin Sparks

Fans were shocked to learn that Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks broke up after years of dating each other. The sweethearts seemed to be very much in love, so what went wrong? Well, we don’t exactly know, but following the news of the split, Derulo is opening up about the sudden break up.

According to US Weekly, Derulo spoke with radio station KDWB on Thursday, and when asked about the break up, the R&B singer was hesitant to talk about anything, but said everything was “cool” despite the split.

Instead of taking the dramatic route, Derulo kept it real and said he and Jordin Sparks are still friends.

“Everything is cool, man. It’s not a bad situation, it’s not one of those kinds of things.”

A source close to the couple told US Weekly that travel and a long distance relationship might have caused a strain on the three-year relationship. “They are both upset. It just wasn’t working. It was a lot of travel and hard to work with their schedules.”

Although the couple couldn’t make it work, it seems like both were very serious about making the relationship last for a lifetime. When Derulo wrote the song “Marry Me,” he said it was for the former American Idol contestant.

“The reason why I wrote the song in the first place [was] because I wanted her to know that when the time is right, then it will happen.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, DeRulo said about the sweet song,

“It is about Jordin, actually, and it’s talking about how amazing it will be when I get down on one knee and it will be the greatest moment of my life. You can’t fake anything because true love is true love, and that’s the basis of our relationship.”

If there were signs of the couple circling the drain, they were nowhere to be found at the MTV Video Music Awards. An eyewitness on the scene said of the couple’s time at the show,

“They were loving each other’s company as they sat in the front row and danced together.”

In the days where Twitter and Instagram acts as a forum for public statements, Jordin Sparks has decided to keep it quiet for the time being. The last tweet she made was almost a day ago, and if there was trouble on the horizon, she didn’t hint at it as she simply stated that she was at a session at the studio. Perhaps this break up will inspire an album?

[Image via Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com]