Hair Salon Shooting Leaves 6 Dead in Seal Beach, California

A quiet beach town on the California coast was the scene of a violent shooting today. Six people were killed during a shooting at a Seal Beach hair salon. Another three were taken to the hospital in critical condition, where two died shortly after arriving.

Police arrested a suspect less than a half a mile away from the hair salon. Sgt. Steve Bowles of the Seal Beach Police Department identified the suspect as a white male, and said that he went with police without incident. Boyles also said that several guns were confiscated from the man’s vehicle.

Bowles said that the hair salon was completely full when the man began shooting. Both customers and employees were among the dead. Boyles did not reveal any of the victim’s identities. The Huffington Post notes that police are currently interviewing people who survived the shooting.

Police do not know the man’s motives, but one employee said that a co-worker had just finalized a divorce from the man in custody.

Seal Beach only had one homicide last year. There were no homicides in the city the previous three years.

Approximately 25,000 call Seal Beach home, including the 9,000 senior citizen’s that inhabit Leisure World. Seal Beach is often called the “Gateway to Southern California’s Orange County.” It is located about 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

Does the shooting at the hair salon in Seal Beach make you feel unsafe? If such violence can happen in that quiet town, it can happen anywhere, right?

[Image Via the LA Times]

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