Kelly Ripa Butt Selfie: Big Mistake Sends Risque Photo To In-Laws Instead Of Hubby

A Kelly Ripa butt selfie created a bit of an awkward moment for the Live! With Kelly and Michael star recently. Kelly has been married to her husband, Mark Consuelos, for nearly 20 years, and it seems they are determined to keep the magic alive in their relationship. However, as Ripa recently shared with David Letterman, sometimes sweet gestures combined with technology can lead to some mistakes.

Ripa recounted the challenging incident Wednesday night on the Late Show with David Letterman. Kelly Ripa’s butt selfie came about when she tried to send an enticing snapshot to her husband Mark because he is away working at the moment. Unfortunately, it’s not Mark who received the photo.

As People recounts, Kelly readily admits that she doesn’t quite understand how “the cloud” works. What she thought she was sending to Mark actually went to his parents instead. Luckily, their response was funny albeit a wee bit embarrassing.

Ripa recounts that soon she received an email from her in-laws. They said that they could tell she had been working quite hard in her exercise classes, and they were proud of all of her hard work. They added that she looks great and they hope God continues to bless her. It didn’t take long for Kelly to realize just what had happened.

Rather than die of embarrassment, Kelly is embracing the incident. She took another “belfie” backstage at Letterman’s show and posted it on Instagram. Naturally Kelly Ripa’s butt selfie from that move has been a bit hit. It quickly garnered more than 6,000 “likes” and plenty of comments. Chances are, of course, that Kelly’s photo intended for Mark was not quite so safe to post online for all to see.

The Live! With Kelly and Michael star says that this was her first time sending her husband such a risque shot, and obviously it did not go quite as she had intended. Will she give it another shot? Fans know that if she does and it goes awry again, she’ll be sure to cop to it.

This Kelly incident is just the latest in a long line of stories she’s been willing to share, and she never hesitates to poke fun at herself. The star recently shared stories about her “nightmare” move and her trip to Italy for Neil Patrick Harris’ wedding, but the Kelly Ripa butt selfie story may become an all-time fan favorite story now.

[Image via Glamour]